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Track SMS Marketing Campaign Metrics in Real-time

Get the best out of your Bulk SMS Campaigns by keeping the click reports and message delivery time. Make sure you have the best Bulk SMS Service from Smart 5 Solutions to improve your business growth.

After sending text messages, you need to know about the status of your SMS. Now, it’s very easy to know how many people clicked your attachments, pages, links you shared, which helps to keep the record of useful information about your messages. We also track every detail regarding your SMS Campaign. You will come to know about how many people have clicked your pages and at what time. This will improve your marketing strategy for your revenue growth.
At Smart 5 Solutions, you will be able to monitor, how effectively your campaigns are. We help you to track about the particular text and topics the customers are engaged with.

Benefits of SMS Campaign metrics:

  • Keep the track record of subscribers who are helpful for improving your campaign growth.
  • Monitor response time of the text messages and knowing the potential customer for your business.
  • Keep an eye on the number of people who subscribe after receiving your text message.

Make a step ahead and click on Smart 5 Solutions to know how SMS Campaign metrics are helpful in your business growth.

Track campaign metrics

In bulk email campaign, there is a option for tracking your mail campaign, how many opened, click, Just like email marketing, SMS marketing now allows you to track how many people clicked through your web links and attachments. Monitor response rates in real-time continuously improve your campaigns and follow through.

Gain customer insights

You can get granular information about portable number, area information, gadget qualities and the time. Effectively trade this information for next investigation

Insert short links

You can send shortens links to your clients of your webpage or landing page. Mobile tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards, forms and surveys.


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