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Student Information

All the information regarding the students can be accessed easily using efficient Smart5solutions software. Manage enquiries with lead management and tracking the information such as student name with photographs, enquiry number, mobile, address, information regarding parents & much more.

Lead & Fees Follow up

Follow up module helps in getting more admissions by easy tracking and follow up methods. Interaction between parents and front office person can be saved including the date, time, response, remarks etc. Notifications and reminders regarding fees sent to the parent through SMS or voice call.

Admission Management

Admission is one of the most essential tasks of any learning institution and Smart5solutions simplifies that very important process. Admission management software such as Smart5solutions is tasked to manage all student admissions and it contains basic details of the students including but not limited to previous school details, a report card that has a passport sized photo, course selection details, marks obtained, qualification details, and family information. After the admission is completed, Smart5solutions sends the login credentials to the student's email address. Some of the features of this admission management software include generating tailor-made reports so as to get statistics of the student admission.

Fees Management

The collection of fees and its management is usually a very important process in any learning institution. Smart5solutions helps to simplify this complicated procedure by managing the fees collecting process in schools. It offers parents, guardians, and students with options as they can be able to pay school fees using the web or even mobile-based fee scheduling. This in return helps to drive the revenue of the school through the roof as a result of an increase in fee collection and also due to the elimination of losses. Smart5solutions is also able to provide the latest reports on the aging of student accounts and fee dues which help institutions in decision making. It also allows parents to be able to create their fee plans and learning institutions to customize their revenue collection.

Bulk SMS & Email Facility

Bulk SMS/email facility such as Smart5solutions allows learning institutions to be able to send bulk SMS to both parents and staff. Smart5solutions facilitates low cost, easy, and quick communication as it is able to send SMS on the mobile phone numbers of staff, parents, and students. Using this software, a school can also be able to send due fees, exam results, and even test results using SMS. This makes things very easy for all parties involved as students also benefit from the software as it enables them to be able to know about upcoming events at the school, attendance reports, holidays, and even extra classes.

Employee Timesheet Management

With Smart5solutions, an institution can be able to make timesheet reports for purposes such as measurement of lecturer's performance, measurement of the estimated time for portion completion, and payment of part-time salaries. This system also enables employees to be able to take breaks, add timesheet details, or even to change job codes with ease. Also with Smart5solutions, the school management can be able to approve, track, and submit employee time anytime and from anywhere.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is important task for every institute. Issue of Study material to students, maintaining records, reorder level, maintain accounting for goods out and in all made simple using Smart5solutions. Inventory management is a good practice for any institution. If you are not keeping a watchful eye on your inventory or stock regularly, you are setting yourself up for potential inventory errors and challenges. Proper inventory management really can make your business.

Other Invoice

Issue invoices for courses, educational tools and training materials. Also allows to send invoices to the parents by Email. It offers to send notification by SMS, voice call on student & parents mobile number. Track the expenses for school, as well as income and taxes. Allows you to track balanced amount.

Accounting Management

With Smart5solutions by your side, all you need to do as an institution is to handle the daily administration and the software will do the rest for you. The Smart5solutions software provides an efficient solution for account management using various functions like manual journal, bank deposit/withdrawal, credit/debit note, bill/expenses, and payment, refund & royalty payment. Easily maintains vendor billing, student refund details, school expenses and completely cover the financial activities.

Timetable Management

A timetable or a schedule is a time-management tool that is made up of times at which possible events, actions, or tasks are intended to take place. Timetable management is a very essential component of any educational establishment as it helps in the management of the various aspects of the learning process. Creating a perfect timetable is usually a very difficult process but Smart5solutions helps you to prepare a splendid timetable for different subjects and courses. Learning institutions that are facing disorientation and disarray as a result of irregular faculty allotment and poor programming can use Smart5solutions to solve that issue for good so as to ensure that the institutions run smoothly.

Student/Teacher/Staff Attendance

One of the most integral parts of the day to day activities of learning institutions is the student and employee attendance. Generally, attendance tracking and taking is usually a very essential but tiresome job that learning institutions are regularly tasked with. Smart5solutions enables schools to efficiently store attendance of students which can be viewed by parents in the parent's login panel based purely on a timetable. Smart5solutions is a user-friendly module for teachers as it is user-oriented and helps a great deal in the elimination of errors during the process of taking school attendance. Since learning institutions have busy schedules, Smart5solutions helps them to perform this very important task with a little amount of time.

Event Management

Event management will keep record of all festivals, holidays, examination and functions. With mobile app, SMS notification on student & parents register mobile number for upcoming event/holiday and activities will go. It helps parents to stay updated about the events, meetings, assignments, lectures, exam schedules etc. It include information about events like event name, event start & end date, start & end time & description about the event.

Students/Employee Id Card

With Smart5solutions software institute can design identity cards for students as well as for employee. Generating identity card is the easiest job with Smart5solutions. It contain all the details about students like their name, batch, date of birth, contact number with institute logo & QR code facility. Employee id cards have option like name, designation, employee code, contact information etc.

Assignment/Homework Management

Assignment/Homework management allows you to post homework/assignment details online to student who can see their homework for reference. This feature makes daily classroom homework assignments available to students and parent on web portal & mobile app. Homework posts include the date it was assigned, video link and attachments. Faculties can add remark & modify homework assignments and projects as necessary.

Notice Board

Smart5solutions allows to add latest news and events going to start in institute & send information to all the staff & students and their parents. The Institute authorities can also post pictures, exam schedules, important notices such parents & teachers, picnic or activities/competition details etc. The notice board feature facilitates adding notice title, description, year, images, youtube video id .

Recurring Invoice

Recurring Invoice is an invoice that is sent to your students/customer in regular intervals of time. After taking admission user can enable option like mark as recurring invoice. User can enter details such as recurring month, next recurring date, days before/after created date along with fees details. User can stop a recurring invoice if he no longer wish to generate it at any time. It can generate Recurring invoice report with all related details.

Other Certificate Facility

Generating various type of certificates is not hectic job with Smart5solutions. Just fill up the students information & your certificate will get ready in a click. It will generate Leaving, Transfer, Bonafide, No Objection, No Due, Character, Provisional Degree Certificate etc.

Students Document Upload & Storage

Smart5solutions has facility to upload student documents in enquiry & admission forms. User can store student document such as Pan card, Adhar card, academic progress reports, caste certificate etc. for future reference.

Customized Report System

Reports provide useful insights for management such as information on spending, profits and growth. Smart5solutions provides meaningful reports for Students Admissions Reports, Fees installment Reports, Follow ups Reports, Inventory Reports, Financial Reports, Employee Reports, SMS Delivery, Batch Reports and many more.

Smart5solutions Genius Mobile App for Students/Parents

To bridge the communication between students, parents, & institute mobile app plays a vital role. Students and parents have the facility to get information directly and on record. With Smart5solutions Genius mobile app students/parents can get options such as assignment, online fees payment, attendance report, exam, leaves, bus attendance, bus tracker facility, online store atc.

Smart5solutions Mobile App for Admin/Employee

Smart5solutions providing mobile application for admin & other all employees. User can do daily transactions through mobile app like students dashboard to analyse performance, enquiry, admissions, fees receipts, follow ups, attendance, bulk SMS etc.