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Want to receive your SMS online in an easiest process? If yes, then Smart 5 Solutions is the best platform for you. We provide the perfect combination of short/long codes and eye-catching keywords that makes this process very easy. We understand your time value, so, we provide you the most flexible SMS services which give you perfect results.

With our service you can manage your incoming messages, forward them to your mail address or perfectly setting up automated replies.The best thing of our SMS service is that, you can easily perform these actions without any technical expertise.

Two ways to receive SMS with Smart 5 Solutions:

  • Keywords given to a number:

    Select a Business keyword and then add this particular keyword to the available long/short code (provided by us). Smart 5 Solutions is the only SMS service provider in India offering the easiest and affordable way to receive SMS online.

  • Get codes as per your requirement:

    Receive your own codes (short/long) as per your choice. We allow you to form multiple inboxes with number of keywords you want.

Make the best use of our SMS service and grow your business to its highest peak. Contact us for pricing details and other useful information.


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