HR Software

HR Software

HR Software – Modern Solution For India's SME's

Automate your HR management processes with Smart5solutions’s HR software and empower your employees with a self-service option to help them manage their time efficiently. The software offers modules that are integrated to provide seamless processing throughout the software with an increased working efficiency of your HR and employees'.

What is HR Software?

HR Software is a platform that automates processes from hire to retire to boost both HR and employees’ productivity. Human Resource Management Software is designed to ensure a more focused environment with automated and integrated modules like recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, performance, payroll, and many more to ease out HR’s process for better decision making. Whether a large or small organization, this solution automates and integrates all the operational and strategic tasks of an HR. Your HR can make perfect and efficient business decisions while the system can take care of all the functional requirements with minimum intervention.

Features of our Human Resource Management Software

Smart5solutions provides you a wide range of modules that will ease out HR’s business functions. The solution helps out in self-onboarding, tracking attendance and leave, process payroll, loans, expenses management, remote employee monitoring, and much more added features of face detection and tracking. It is not the limit; the system provides powerful AI-enabled chatbot and analytical options to manage the functions more productively. In short, Smart5solutions embraces every end-to-end process of HR to alleviate the burden off their shoulders. Study all the enlisted modules that efficiently manage your end-to-end HR functions.

Why Choose HR Software to Improve Productivity?

The increased use of automated software in HR technology has gradually reduced the human elements from the HR department. Smart5solutions provides an HR Software that is specifically designed for the modern generation workforce and SMEs. Along with automating Human Resource Activities, the software nurtures and helps the employees to develop and achieve performance goals with improved efficiency. With an enhanced user interface and seamless integration, it supports an HR to lessen the burden of the human resource management system and help focus on actual decision-making and operational requirements. Leave the time-consuming inconsistencies, errors, and corrections far behind with our software and make your workplace well organized and employees more productive.

Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and Hiring are configured as one of the most challenging functions of Human Resource. It calls for setting up a process till making a new hire that eventually leads towards business growth. Again it is not easy to find worthy candidates, and if you can find them, it is not guaranteed that they pass your test. You have to dive deep into the ocean of social media, job sites, and references to find a suitable candidate. Other than that, you must continuously work on designing the recruitment process and upgrade it time-to-time. Our solution eases your hiring process with automated workflow. The module provides

Manpower Requisition

Raise manpower requisitions and configure the workforce requisition list that entails various details about the job profile, vacancies, status of approval, and much more to handle your recruitment process efficiently.

Module linked Job posting

Post and Manage your job postings on your various social media platforms, websites, and share the same within the internal company network to achieve multiple ways of hiring through seamless integration.

Interview scheduling

By integration of meetings and interview schedules with the calendar, the manager can gather the information about the schedules arranged on the go without any clashing of schedules.

Interview Feedback

The system helps you gather feedback from your candidates about the interview process to enhance your hiring decisions and upgrade your interview techniques for future hires.

Customized workflow

The system enhances to give a customized workflow for the overall interview process, including the interview schedule, current stage, the status of approval, and the interview result. You can mark the interview based on set parameters.

Self On-Boarding

Employee data is the most precious one, and any error in such data may lead to consequences. Human Resource Management encompasses many responsibilities. It might happen that in the hurry of completing tasks quickly, your HR abruptly creates a mistake. Let your new hires enter their data into the system independently and prevent any chances of errors through the self-onboarding solution. Help your newly hired candidates take with them the best class first day experience in your office. Our Module Provides

Start with Minimum

To help an employee self-on-board, HR needs to enter minimal information like Name, Employee Code, and Email Id. Other data can be captured in self onboarding by the employee.

Timely reminders

Once the employee finishes entering onboarding details, the system actively generates reminders to the manager to review, approve and complete the onboarding and start with the post onboarding processes like Induction, Policy review, and Product Training.

Letters Assignment

Design your own set of letters or use our software’s inbuilt letters like joining letter, confirmation letter, resignation letter, and many more to assign it to the employees.

Asset assignment

As soon as the employee onboards, the asset assignment section will help you out with assignments and further management of assets like Laptops, mobiles, SIM Cards, etc. to the employee. Also, store the details about various assets, their quantity, and lost assets.

Core HR

Core HR is said to be the central framework that entails various day-to-day functions of employees. The core HR module provides automated features for seamless and streamlined management of core functions. The core HR embraces modules for

• presence and absence tracking of an employee with added remote monitoring attributes to enhance the workplace environment with current and post COVID-19 scenario, • employee master to store and manage the primary and sensitive information with a fully secure environment which is popularly known as the Human Capital Management, • salary processing feature for smooth transaction of salaries right from the main account to employees’ accounts in a single click, • user-interactive dashboards to review necessary details quickly in a compact format plus the business analytics to boost up your business productivity, • E-resignation filing and checklist formation for quick FNF and resignation. • iOS and Android compatible mobile app to boost productivity along with mobility.

Human Capital Management

Management of Human Capital is as essential as other business functions. HCM encompasses details like Employee’s company information like Name, ID, Branch, Category, etc., CTC and Payroll Structure, Family Details, Work-anniversary and Birthdays, and much more. To manage this data, along with improving the productivity of your workforce, is again to be kept in mind. To address this information peacefully and constructively, you need a system that helps you store the same whenever and however you need it. What our system includes

Information at a glance

All the information like personal details, company details, etc. entered during the self-onboarding process can be accessed centralized, at a glance through the software itself, thus no need to store the document in hardware.

Categorized view

A categorized view of the employee is possible to enhance viewing capability. It becomes easy to search for an employee based on the corresponding department, branch, and category.

Data History

You can access any past data history of employees with effective date and time and details of who changed them, when, and why.

Track Employee Life-cycle

With the human resource management software, you can track an employee’s entire life cycle from hire to retire in a hassle-free way.

Document Management

This feature allows you to save, share, and manage employees and the company-related documents, including joining, identity proof, and policy documents.

Multiple Salary Structure

As Job wise employee’s salary may change, the system facilitates you to store and review the remuneration and CTC structures for efficient processing of Payroll.

Organizational Chart

You and your employees can get an enhanced view of the whole organizational chart. This chart is a visual representation of associated reporting and approving manager, linked department, head of the department, CEO, etc.