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what are Facebook Messenger Ads, and why should you care?

Facebook recently surpassed two billion monthly active users on their site.
It means there are millions of advertisers you're competing against. There are easily thousands of other companies in your niche.
Facebook's new Messenger Ads give us the ability to reach customers instantly. And according to Facebook, they've already been shown to increase conversions and response rates. if you don't like waiting for an email response or being on hold with customer service, neither do your customers. Facebook Messenger Ads allow you to speed up and personalize customer interactions, and reaching people faster is key in today's marketing environment.
In this post, Smart 5 Solutions define you how Facebook Messenger Ads drive online traffic, engage your target audience, and increase revenue.
These ads show up in the News Feed, and when clicked on, send readers into a conversation inside Facebook Messenger (instead of sending them to an external URL). This Facebook Messenger ad-option allows you to place your ad directly in the Home screen of a reader's Messenger app. When a reader engages with your business page, you can target him/her with a custom message directly in his/her inbox.
Now get into some major factors i.e. what exactly the Fb messenger Ad does:
1. Increase Brand Awareness with Messenger Destination
Facebook gives you the option to deliver destination ads to individuals who have never heard of your brand. Hence, they can be used to raise awareness and, once people engage with you via Messenger, acquire subscribers through sponsored messages.
2. Send Special Offers/Deals Via Messenger Home Ads
Messenger Home ads bring you centre into the message inbox of your prospects and customers. These ads feature the same kind of advanced targeting capabilities as Facebook or Instagram ads, allowing you to pinpoint the users who are most likely to turn into conversions and sales based on the types of offers you promote-from buy-one-get-one-free offers to shipping discounts to seasonal sales.
3. Use Sponsored Messages to Bring Visitors Back
Create a re-engagement campaign that delivers sponsored messages to readers that have visited your blog/website in the past but didn't follow-through with a subscription or purchase. Instead of losing the visitors who don't come back, you can reach out directly and try to get them to take another look at your site.
4. You can reach people faster on their preferred medium
If you don't respond in the first five minutes of a customer reaching out to you, you decrease your odds of converting them to a lead by 400%. If you aren't using a live chat service in some way, shape, or form, you risk losing out on conversions. Because it's no secret that responding to a potential lead faster will only increase your odds of closing a deal.
5. Messenger ads offer better local targeting options
One of the best ways to use Facebook Messenger Ads is for building localized brand awareness. With their new 'Local awareness'feature, you can create newsfeed ads that drive huge levels of engagement. You can select a specific local audience depending on where your business is located to determine who will see your ads:
6. Messenger ads are best for starting a conversation
when you can't simply ask a user to convert instantly (meaning cold traffic), you need to start a casual conversation to assess their needs and interests. Otherwise, you're going to have to run tons of remarketing ads with your fingers crossed, hoping to land a sale.


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