What are the Routes of Promotional, Transactional, and Service Bulk SMS in DLT?

Bulk SMS in DLT

What are the routes of Promotional, Transactional, and Service Bulk SMS in DLT?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has revised its Guidelines for telemarketers and enterprises in 2020 for Bulk SMS Service in India. The new rules have been introduced to prevent customers from unrequested commercial communication through SMS and protect them from fraudulent practices.

1. Promotional Bulk SMS route in DLT

Promotional Bulk SMS is the kind of SMS, which includes Offers, Discounts, and Marketing SMS usually sends to Customers to advertise a specific Product or Service. This SMS can be sent only to the Non-DND Numbers.

Customers can be set a perticular time duration to receive Promotional Messages according to their own interests. For Example, if a user has set his preference on mobile to receive SMS on Sunday from 10 PM to 12 PM, then the messages will only be delivered to him at that perticular time Sunday 10 PM to 12 PM.

The Sender ID for Promotional SMS can be created for sending messages should be of 6 Numeric Digits (not more or less). Alphabetic Characters cannot be used for creating Sender ID in the Promotional Routes and every Sender ID will have a unique ID set by the operator.

Examples of Promotional Bulk SMS:
  • Dear User, Get up to 40% off on shopping of Rs. 1500/- and above. Hurry up! Offer valid for a limited time.
  • Festival Sale! Order now and get a free gift worth Rs. 500. Call us at ********** for more details.
  • Holi Sale 2021 Discount offers up to 20% off + extra 10% off on all orders above Rs. 2999 on Electronics Items Mobiles, Laptops, TVs, etc. Visit now to get the Exciting Offer.

2. Transactional Bulk SMS route in DLT

As per the new TRAI Guidelines, the route for Transactional Bulk SMS will be reserved only for Banks for sending OTP (One Time Password) to complete an online transaction initiated by the bank customer. All National/Scheduled/Private/Government and MNC Banks, can use the Transactional SMS for sending OTPs to their respective customers.

The Sender ID for Transactional SMS can be created for sending messages should be of 6 Alphabetic Characters (not more or less).

Examples of Transactional Bulk SMS:
  • Dear Customer, OTP for the transaction of INR 4500 is 47852. Please do not share it with anyone.
  • OTP for SBI Bank Debit Card ending 5689 is 945382. OTP valid for 1 minute.

3. Service Bulk SMS route in DLT

In Service (Implicit and Explicit) route Business and Brands can send SMS to their customers informing them about a product or service. The Service route is divided into 2 Categories - Implicit and Explicit

The Sender ID that can be created for sending SMS from the Service route is of 6 Alphabetic Characters (not more or less).

A. Service Implicit SMS:

Informative messages other than the OTP will come under this Service route. Messages regarding purchase confirmation, order status, alerts, reminder SMS, etc. can be sent to the customers.

Examples of Service Implicit Messages:
  • Payment confirmation messages from any Net Banking, Credit, or Debit Card Transactions.
  • Product purchase confirmation messages regarding any order status or delivery status.
  • OTP SMS for any E-commerce Website Login, Mobile Number Verification, KYC, etc.
  • Messages from school on important notifications like attendance, time-table, event invitation, etc.
  • Messages from Clinics/Hospitals for Booking an Appointment, Reminders, Lab Reports, Bill Payments, etc.
  • Messages from Government/TRAI, Local Authorities, Traffic Advisories, Election Commission, Disaster Management Advisories.
  • Service update messages from Car Showroom, any Home Appliances Service Centers.
  • Alert SMS from Banks, Insurance Companies, etc.
Service Implicit Bulk SMS Examples:
  • Dear Customer, your order is being prepared and will be delivered within 20 minutes.
  • Hello! Your account number ending with 4089 has been debited by Rs. 3000.
  • Dear Customer, Your Order will be deliver by our agent Today Before 7 PM

B. Service Explicit SMS:

SMS sent by Business to the registered customers after receiving their agreement will come under this Service route.

For Example, If a Customer of HDFC Bank has given his agreement to receive promotional offers from the respective Bank, then these SMS will be included in the Service Explicit category. At any moment of time, the customer withdraws his agreement and opt-out of receiving these texts, then the SMS will be considered as Promotional SMS.

Service Explicit Bulk SMS Examples:
  • Dear Customer, Thank you for sign up with our premium account. Enjoy our exclusive offer for Premium Customers. Get an extra 25% discount while shopping at our store. Offer valid till this week.
  • Dear Customer, This is to inform you that your policy renewal is due. Avail of 10% off on the renewal charges if you renew the policy before the Due Date.

Classification of SMS as per the new TRAI Rule

Below given Image will help you to understand and identify the Bulk SMS Routes.

Classification of SMS as per the new TRAI Rule

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