Live Classes

What is Live Class?

Live classes are basically organized in a particular place where teachers and students gather together to have comprehensive interaction. There are certain live classes application which both the teachers and students have to login to get the benefit out if this technology. These application contains multiple synchronous technologies that can be run by the virtual learning atmosphere. Some of the popular applications are video-conferencing, live streaming, web conferencing so that it can reach to the students of remote areas at required time.



There are various features of live class. Here are the following that can give you the detail information:

  • Two way interaction between the Instructor and students
    This is one the most important feature of Live class that helps the students and teacher as well. It allows students to clear their doubts, learn basic concepts and improve their knowledge. Instructors come to know the real caliber and potential of their students. As a result it gives the clear idea about the learning process.
  • Participation of Multiple Hosts
    The best thing of our live class is that, multiple hosts can participate in the learning program, which makes the teaching methodology more efficient. Thus it is helpful for both students and their mentors.
  • Screen sharing
    One of the best feature of our live class is screen sharing. This allows students to share their documents such as word file, pdf file and many more with others as per their requirement. They can share it even if they are attending the live class. This creates a good impression of our students.
  • Offer a Chat Window System
    Finally we introduce our add on feature which is offering a chat box during live class session. This is specially designed so that the students can clear their doubts, interact with the instructors through the chat box. This help students to clear their concept and improvise their academic performance.


Online examination system is the process where examinations are held online in the computer system through Internet or Intranet. It is basically different from the traditional way of conducting the examination.


ONEX or Online Examination is conducted through web in order to know the potential of the participants on a particular topic. In traditional teaching method, students need to gather at a classroom with pen and paper and attend the test. But in Online examination students can attend the exam through online portal at their convenient place and time. They just internet connection and browser at that particular place.


  • Create your own web page
    You can create your own web page according to your terms and desired parameters for your business. Our online examination portal will help to grow your business, manage examinations. It offers a standard registration process, that results in authentic, systematic and proper data collection.
  • Question Bank Management
    We help you to manage your question bank related to subjective type questions, MCQ’s which you can upload and sell the same on smart5solutions platform. To avoid confusions a particular question paper log is maintained.
  • Offer different types of tests
    We offer different types of tests that you can easily manage online in the form of quiz, live tests, Olympiads, Practice tests, CBT and so on.
  • Advanced analytics of the performance of the candidates
    We help you to keep proper analysis of the student’s performance with the most trusted online assessment software. This enables to create a final report that includes results, ranking, reports as per topics and tests. You can also have the information related to the admission which is nowadays an essential part for a business. Smat5solutions templates help you to create an outline of the application as per the required parameters. Our application consists of interactive interface that can be taught in a various platforms.


Smart Class is an advanced technology introduced in school using latest media presentation where students are provided tools and useful content. It is specially designed to fulfill the requirement of students with all inclusive solutions of classroom.


Here are the features you need to check out:

  • Digital Content
    It helps to get the content digitally which can be mapped with the syllabus of the schools. It enables the digital platform for learning process.
  • Exposure of performance
    This is very helpful in creating transparency between the parents and students. With this feature the performance are exposed to the parents, management and faculties. This will make sure to work on the weak point of a student.
  • Implementation of a Smart-Board
    Smart-Board makes learning more enjoyable experience with the best interactive features and useful illustrations. Smart Class is way more beneficial for you as it can be easily implemented with simple training to its users. You will be able to design and create content with the help of our smart-board tools for the better understanding of the course for students. They will find it easier to catch the concept than the traditional way of learning method.
  • Promotion of Comprehensive Interaction
    Comprehensive Interaction between the students and teachers will create an interest level for learning from both the sides. It increases the participation of students in the class thus, improve their capability.

we ofers a thorough set of highlights to deliver a collaborative learning experience online

  • A Classroom to Deliver – Virtual Classroom
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Online Video & Live Class Streaming
  • Recording classroom functionality
  • Interactive Whiteboard and Presentation Tools
  • Live Screen Sharing and Chat System
  • Multiple Hosts in a Live Session
  • Friendly User Interface
  • 24*7 Support


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