Why Bulk SMS is Still Part of OnlineMedia?

Why Bulk SMS is Still Part of OnlineMedia?

Why Bulk SMS is Still Part of OnlineMedia?

In this digital era SMS gateway is one of the best online media to share information directly to end number of users through bulk SMS services. There are lots of strategies available to promote your business but still Bulk SMS standalone to the peak of all advertising channels. This is not only for promoting your brand but also plays a measure roll in lead generation. It's difficult to choose the rewarding channel for promotion but bulk SMS service in India is still a valuable and affordable advertisement medium for every industry. There are several types of bulk SMS in India which will fetch according to your business requirements.
How bulk SMS works:
Sending an SMS to a group of contacts via SMS dashboard/API is called bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a way to send large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones. It is used by banks, educational institutions, airlines, railways, share market and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing.
Bulk SMS is generally used for notification, reminders, and marketing. It also used for communication between both staff and customers.
Types of Bulk SMS: Basically, there are 3 types of Bulk SMS, those are:

Transactional Bulk SMS:

Transactional Bulk SMS is used for send information related to bank, company invoice and any transactional information.

Promotional Bulk SMS:

Promotional Bulk SMS is basically used for promotional activities, like promoting messages, products, and services of a company.


One time password SMS or OTP SMS is used to send OTP SMS related to all money transfer and payment operations and Internet Banking login etc.
Advantages of Bulk SMS in many industries:
There are several benefits of Bulk SMS that many industries like:
   You can send Bulk SMS to direct to the individual in one click.
   Real time Data interpretation.
    Fastest call to action move and capture mind share.
   Can be swing both side either promotion or lead.
   Easy to access.
    Surprisingly Affordable.
   Assuring guaranteed ROI.
    Open rates are high with rapid response.

Bulk SMS in India connects end number of users with business, which is well organized in every aspect. With the best bulk SMS service provider in India like Smart 5 SMS, you can send bulk SMS to your customers on their phone with the simplest and most cost-effective way.

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