The Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Media Consumption

The Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Media Consumption

The Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Media Consumption

As we all know that there is a major spread of covid-19 all over the world. Simultaneously, you can notice its effect on various fields one of such is Digital Media consumption. It has drastically changed many lives including digital world. To reduce the widespread of this deadly virus different steps have been taken by our Government such as Lock-downs, Janata Curfew, Self-Isolation and Social Distancing. It is applied for the betterment of the society which has also affected the small and large businesses as well as digital media consumption. Smart 5 Solutions will help you to know about the impact of corona virus pandemic on various digital consumptions.

Moreover, the recent lockdown of 21 days has made people to stay at home. Many of them are finding different ways of entertainment and keep them busy. In the other hand many of them are getting closer with their family and friends. Due to this, the use of some digital platforms has been increased rapidly.

Here are the following digital platforms that have the major impact of Covid-19


Online Gaming is the one of the best way to keep yourself engage during these days. Many of us love to play online games to have the quality time with friends or family. The best thing of online gaming is, it is a fun activity and you don’t get bored at all.

Some of the popular online games are PUBG, LUDO, League of legends, clash clans, clash of titans, Mine craft and many more. Not only this funds raised by playing PUBG, can be helpful for those effected from Covid-19.

So, you can play and win exciting prizes by playing online games and make yourself occupied during these critical days.


No doubt that there is a rapid increase of social media among its users due the Covid-19 pandemic. If we are talking about Social media, then you all know that almost everyone is quite addicted to it. Nowadays, when everyone has to remain at home, in this case social sites like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Instagram has been used mostly.

The reason why these Social media platforms are popular is, it the best source of entertainment. In addition to this you can get the information through news and regular updates related to Covid-19. It is not only entertaining but also informative. Almost everyone from kids, youngsters to the old age persons consider social media as the ideal way to be occupied.

Social media platforms are the best way to be updated with the incidents going on nowadays and to take safety measures. Meanwhile from the past few months, the use of various social sites has been used massively.


Streaming platforms like Hot star, Amazon prime, Netflix and many more are also becoming the perfect way to be entertained. Like other platforms you can find high quality content with amazing features. This is the reason there is a rapid increase in the viewership and subscription.

After the lockdown almost everyone is unable to travel, go to work and hang out with friends. It has changed our daily routine and somehow we are confined to stay at one place. This made us to find best possible way to be occupied. Through the streaming platforms you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and amazing web series that are released regularly. This will give you full-on entertainment during this lockdown. So stay home and stay safe and keep yourself entertain with these streaming platforms.


When everyone nowadays are at home, so the ideal way to get connected with your friends, family, colleagues is video chat. Through this, you are able to get closer with your friends and family. Basically, group video chat is a way in which all the included members are able to have a conference call on a single screen.

The coworkers who are working from home can collaborate with regular discussions and make their work in the proper manner. It can help you to share us useful information, images, videos, documents with your team. There are many chat apps that allow you to have the best possible chat with your professional team.


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