How to manage Google My Business (GMB) Page for your Business

How to manage Google My Business (GMB) Page for your Business

How to manage Google My Business (GMB) Page for your Business

Here's a list of things you can do to maintain and manage your GMB and make it more appealing for your clients' or customers.

GMB Posts

  • Blog Post
    Sharing your Blog Posts can work in 2 different ways. The first one is obviously to improve CTR (Click Through Rate) on your listing. The second one implies new links from a Google entity to your website pages which "probably" conveys some equity to your domain.
  • Service/Product pages
    You can share new Service/Product pages and create curiosity about things you offer. Don't be do over optimisation by writing "we have the best Service/Product" as "Everyone has the best Service/Product"! Try to describe main points and how you're able to solve the
  • Discounts/Offers
    You could offer crazy discounts that your customers would only get when they click on the link in the post. That makes sure they interact with your GMB - Engagement is king.

Upload new Photos and Videos

The time your audience spends with engaging with your photos/videos can't be used to surf through your competitors' web presence. So make sure to keep your photos & videos updated to incentivize your potential customers to engage with your content.

Reply to Reviews

It is so apparent, and you can read it everywhere across the internet, but no one is actually doing it. If you get a negative review, try to get some emotional distance before you reply. My guess is that more than 80% of replies to negative reviews harm the business.

Thank the customer no matter what, be humble, and try to find a solution that works for both parties. Even if that means apologizing for something you didn't do. 99% of the time, it's not the service itself that bothers the customer - it's how they feel about the overall experience - so address their feelings and talk to them on an emotional level, not about rational stuff.

Also, the customer is always right, and if he tells the story to 3 of his friends and they tell their friends, and they tell theirs... not to mention all the people that check out your review replies before they take action (that also applies to replying to fake reviews (check out my spam support group)), there is a chance you'll lose business in the long run, forever! Keep in mind that a local audience is limited.

Add New Services or Products from time to time

The products section enables you to publish related photos to your Services/Products. Those product images are shown on your GMB profile. It's a great way to engage your potential customers.

Test Categories.

That might not be a strategy for every business, but there is a lot of value in testing new categories for some. Make sure to create enough indications across the web to sell a category to Google as relevant reliably. Google needs to believe you to improve your rankings. Otherwise, a category will be seen as irrelevant and may harm your visibility. I've created a blog post about that specific topic if you need more info on that.

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