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We are presenting you few strategies to ensure your employees feel safe and supported during COVID-19:


The novel corona virus has effected throughout the world and has effected many countries and life of humans. It has been declared as national emergencies with thousands of cases and deaths through COVID-19.

So, in this critical time you need to implement certain strategies such as highlighting the important factors related to the outbreak of corona virus, heightened office cleanliness, to ensure the safety of workers. One such plan can be putting some set of procedures like including sick leave policies, and encouragement to take precautions to be safe from the outbreak of this deadly corona virus.

Establish Remote Work Option

Providing remote work for the employees can be the better option for the companies during COVID-19 pandemic. With many people already working remotely, there are a lot of free tools business owners can utilize so that employees can stay in touch and keep working even if they aren’t in the same place.

Implement a remote work strategy that covers when you expect your team to be online or available. You can communicate through email, or video call, to each team member that cam have the better coordination and delivery of the task given.

So the companies and other organizations need to establish work from home option for the urgent basis.


Avoid the travel and meetings as much as possible during the outbreak of COVID-19. It is important to keep opportunities for less exposure to spread the virus. Take some safety precautions, so that you can reduce your risk of infection. Postpone any team meetings or almost keep on hold for the time being. Follow

Skip the conferences if any or other planned business travel. If your employees get sick because of travel or meetings, you could have a responsibility issues on your hands, or you will have to manage low self-esteem and sick leave requests.


All the Schools across the country are closed, even the offices, stores, businesses and commercial centers. Now, when the entire country is slowly moving towards total lockdown, you will need to be flexible with your employees’ as well.

Some team members may have to leave unexpectedly due to some household problems or family requirement. Others may have students who come home from school for spring break and aren’t able to return. Try to be little understanding bit when something comes up and have a emergency plan in case you suddenly become the issue of shortage of staffs.


Everyone including the entire world is facing this crisis together, so there is nothing to hide from your customers. So, be transparent with your customers regarding the present situation of your business. Try to make them aware about your concern for the whole community and your implementation to make the community safe from the outbreak of COVID-19.

Make them feel that you are worried for them and always ready to serve them. Make best possible way to be connected with them. Describe them about your important measures to help the community.


Many companies worldwide are forced to accept the reality of coronavirus shutdowns. Every company let it be small or large are facing the lockdown that is effecting the sales as well. As all the stores have been shuttered down and the employees have been staying in their home. So, the business owners have been shifted their sales strategies to online in order to avoid heavy losses.

For instance, if you are dealing your business through online then you can make your services reach your customers as usual and you can get your sales increase. So, if possible make your business deals online as much as possible and be connected with your customers.If you’re closing your store, find different ways to keep your employees earning a payment by selling on social media. Put your email list to good use and make use of the video tool to reach new leads.


Though many countries and economies are already starting to recover slowly. The spread of the coronavirus is still extending throughout the world, with a flow that cam affect us for some time.

There are many of businesses facing huge impact on their business plans. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic can lead to have a moderate to high impact on their revenue. Very few businesses expect the virus to have high impact on their source chain.

Have conversation with your investors, partners, suppliers, and local officials on a daily basis to learn how you can start to implement precautions that will help you stay ahead. It might be a while until your small business gets back to business as usual.


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