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Best Toll-free and IVR service provider in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Interactive Voice Response is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans. It acts as a virtual receptionist by introducing the customers to the company by giving them a brief introduction. It is available for 24x7 and helps for connectivity in urgent requirement.

How IVR Work?

IVR numbers can be mobile phone numbers or toll-free numbers which are assigned to your company. When a customer calls on this number a prerecorded voice clip is played which gives the caller the options (extensions) to direct the call to a particular department or agent. When the customers press the extension they are routed to that department or agent.

IVR has the ability to skip the manual process without losing the accuracy which is highly advantageous for consumers and business users.

Smart 5 solutions is One of the best IVR service provider in india We provide IVR services at reasonable price. Other than IVR service we also provide bulk voice call, bulk SMS, Missed call and toll-free number.

How its useful to your Business ?

  • It gives Big brand image to your business.
    Imagine People are calling and they hear a welcome tune ( Welcome to “your company Name” ) ..!! Your first impression in customer’s mind will be Very Professional.
  • It does not require any infrastructure. All you need is PC and internet..!
  • The lines are never down like Old Telephone lines. So you never Miss a Call.
  • You can receive calls even when you are not in office. And you have all the data in the dashboard. All the data of previously recorded calls as well.
  • It can be Used for Lead capture, Customer care, Marketing, Automation, after hour calls, Call Recording and many more.

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