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Give maximum benefit to your website with SMS Attachments

If you want the maximum benefit for your website then you must use SMS attachments services. In this process you will be able to send images, files to your text messages. If it comes to attach files to your SMS then, Smart 5 Solutions is the best option for you. We have the easiest process to attach files to your text messages. Increase your marketing campaigns by adding PDFs, Brochures, Images and many more in your text messages.

Features of SMS Attachments

  • Far better than Email

    Sending text messages has so far performed well in comparison to emails. When you attach any files with your messages, it reaches faster than emails. So, by using SMS attachments of Smart 5 Solutions, send your related files to your messages and easily reach your customers.

  • Innovative method of Click Tracking

    You can easily track how many people clicked the particular attachment. You can have other information like their mobile number, from which device they have clicked and at what time.

  • Way better than MMS

    Attachment of download link in your SMS is very easy than MMS.

If you are looking for the best way to send more information with SMS Attachments then, Smart 5 Solutions is the perfect place for you.


Attach a JPEG/PNG file in your bulk SMS campaign and try to convey more in 160 characters, host as a short URL and send it to option customer.


Business brochures will help you for leads. Send your business brochures along with your bulk SMS gateway & make the most of your campaign.


Promote your brand awareness & gain conversions by sending newsletter with the SMS text. You can send monthly newsletter to your newsletter subscribers.

Audio Files

Audio files can attract more customers & more effectiveness for business so you can send audio files along with the text message. You can send audio file like .mp3 and .wav over SMS. Customer will download it and listen.


Its plays a vital role in text message, sending business presentation along with the text SMS.


Menus help for business growth & to generate business leads. Send it out to your exciting customer database, or an auto-respond SMS. Make your customer with the varieties of products/services by sending them menus with the message. We also support: BMP, CSV, DOTX, GIF, MIDI, MPEG, OGG, PNG, POTX, PPSX, QT, RA, RAM, TRF, SLDX, SVG, SWF, TIFF, TSV, TXT, VCF, WAV, XLAM & XLTX
It should be less than 10 mb