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How to reinstate suspended GMB profile?

How to reinstate suspended GMB profile?

Here are some common mistakes that lead to GMB suspension, and how to fix them:

  • Business Name Issues: Most common mistake: Adding a location/city name to the business name. Only add the original name on legal documents and signage.
  • Secondary Categories: Adding irrelevant secondary categories can lead to suspension. Add only relevant categories.
  • Service Areas: Adding overlapping cities or areas too far from your location can be an issue. Service areas should be less than 2 hours away.
  • Business Descriptions: Avoid using words like "limited period offer, free quote, for sale", etc. in your business description.
  • Multiple GMB Users: Adding spammy emails as managers or owners can cause suspension. Remove them.
  • Photos with Phone Number and Logo: Add logos to the top right or left corner of the image. Do not add logos at the center of photos.

Once you've fixed all the issues, fill out the reinstatement form and mention all the changes you made. Also, attach legal business documents and an official photo with signage. Good luck!

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